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Kong  1 Wanlin Kong Professor Steven K. Ashby Ler 100 11 December 2010 How the Staley Workers Can Win a Fair Contract WATTS: We have been locked out for a long time and for a reason! We need to keep fighting and we cannot give up our rights! This is not simply a labor dispute! Our family need us, they need us to take care of them. We are facing overboard works and more work shifts. In addition, we cannot stand on those worse working conditions that are placed by Tate and Lyle to our workers. We need to win this battle, and I believe none of us is satisfied with the current contract. We are fighting for our dignity and for the dignity of all American workers. (Ashby and Hawking, 248) GOSS: I agree that the conditions that Tate and Lyle want to place on the workers are unfair and I do agree with you that our workers are suffering right now. However, we need to realize that a fair contract means the company would take it as well. The employees have been locked out for two years now and there is no sign that the company will surrender to the union's demands for a fair contract. Now that the plant continues to operate with scabs that have been hired, it is the workers who stand to lose and not the company. Note that the labor law supports employer's decisions to lock out employees until they can come to terms with their conditions and go back to work (Wilson, 133). For how long can these workers wait yet it is already two years and no hope in sight? The best thing for the Staley workers to do is to accept the company's demand and end the lockout once and for all. Instead of causing a fight
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Kong  2 that will risk losing the local it is better that the union acquiesces to the company's concessions. Furthermore, other locals have tried to protest but eventually they have found themselves going back to the same conditions (Ashby and Hawking, 216). It has never been easy winning over employers especially where they have international control and a history of trade unions in America will confirm this (Smith, 87). To begin with, the union has a failed strategy and it is at no position to negotiate a better contract. Remember that the power of a union lies in the negotiation power of the leaders and their ability to conduct collective bargaining with the management which this union lacks (Ashby and Hawking, 216). WATTS: The view on the strategy is quite mistaken and so is the one on the inability of the union leaders to negotiate for consideration of our demands. Yes, the union has a strategy and it will not be taken back by discouragement that will disorient us from our set purpose. Let me at this point note that times are changing and unions are no longer bound by traditional business unionization (Outwater and Brossman, 8). This is the kind that you refer to when you talk about collective bargaining and negotiation by leaders. It is the kind of unionization where the members walk the picket line and do nothing while the union leaders negotiate on their behalf (Ashby and Hawking, 216). Union members can now take part in bringing about
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Final paper - Kong1 Wanlin Kong Professor Steven K. Ashby...

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