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Rikiya York English II August 27, 2010 1 st period Throughout my fifteen years of living I have done two big performances but because of my stage fright I’ve never been able to complete them. Being the outgoing person I am no one would have ever thought that I, Rikiya York, would be afraid to do my favorite talent. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly. Hmmm, here it goes. When I was about 5 years old I was a part of a dance recital, I had to do a solo dance and had been practicing for weeks. Loved my music, outfit, and the dance itself was wonderful. As I stood in the lobby I was very excited. They announced me to come out and perform. I didn’t think I was scared at all but as a turned around and started to dance my stage fright took over me. I was doing so well people I didn’t
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Unformatted text preview: even know were smiling but then . .My mind went blank I couldnt remember the next steps to my dance or anything. I tried really hard but it just wouldnt come out. Since I was just a little girl I was quite embarrassed so the only thing I could do is cry. My parents were there and since I was a daddys girl, my dad came and picked me up and tried to make me feel better. It worked but to this day I still wish I could have completed my dance. In conclusion, I believe I have gotten over my stage fright and I still love to dance. I still think about it a lot but Ive gotten over it. This is my life, the embarrassment....
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