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assignment 4

assignment 4 - Assignment4,due15October(2010)inclass 1...

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Thermal Physics PHYS 253 Assignment 4, due 15 October (2010) in class 1) Two bulbs containing air, one of which has a volume three times the other, are connected by a tube of negligible volume and are initially at the same temperature. To what temperature must the air in the larger bulb be raised in order that the pressure be doubled? Neglect heat conduction through the air in the connecting tube. 2) An ideal gas is contained in a cylinder equipped with a frictionless, nonleaking piston of area A . When the pressure is atmospheric p 0 , the piston face is a distance L from the closed end. The gas is compressed by moving the piston a distance x. Calculate the spring constant F/x of the gas: a) Under isothermal conditions b) Under adiabatic conditions c) In what respect is a gas cushion superior to a steel spring? d) Using డ௎ డ௏ ି஼ ௏∙ఉ െ݌ , show that C p C V =nR for the ideal gas.
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