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Unformatted text preview: Thermal Physics PHYS‐253 Assignment 6, due 29 October (2010) in class 1) Take an ideal monoatomic gas (=5/3) around the Carnot cycle, where point 1 at the beginning of the adiabatic compression has pressure p1=p0 (atmospheric pressure), volume V=13 liters and temperature T1=300K. Point 3 has pressure p3=2p0 and volume V3=26 liters. Calculate the values of volume and pressure at all four points of the Carnot cycle. 2) An inventor claims to have developed an engine that takes in 100,000 Btu at a temperature of 400 K, rejects 40,000 Btu at a temperature of 200 K, and delivers 15 kWh of work. Would you advise investing money to put this engine on the market? 3) A Carnot engine absorbs 100J of heat from a reservoir at the temperature of the normal boiling point of water and rejects heat to a reservoir at the temperature of the triple point of water. Find the heat rejected, the work done by the engine, and the thermal efficiency. 4) The initial state of 0.1 mol of an ideal monoatomic gas is p0=32 Pa and V0=8m3. The final state is p1=1 Pa and V1=64m3. Suppose that the gas undergoes a process along a straight line joining these two states with an equation p=V+b, where = ‐31/56 and b=255/7. Plot this straight line to scale on a pV diagram. Calculate: a) Temperature T as a function of V along the straight line. b) The value of V at which T is a maximum. c) The values of T0,Tmax, and T1. d) The heat Q transferred from the volume V0 to any other volume V along the straight line. e) The values of p and V at which Q is a maximum. f) The heat transferred along the line from V0 to V when Q is a maximum. g) The heat transferred from V at maximum Q to V1. ...
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