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Thermal Physics PHYS 253 Assignment 10, due 3 December 2010, in class 1) The Joule Thomson coefficient is a measure of the temperature change during a throttling process. A similar measure of temperature change produced by an isentropic change in pressure is provided by the coefficient S , where ߤ ൌ ቀ Prove ߤ െߤൌ 2) Saturated liquid carbon dioxide at a temperature of 293K and a pressure of 5.72 x 10 6 Pa experiences throttling to a pressure of 1.01 x 10 5 Pa. The temperature of the resulting mixture of solid and vapor is 195K. What fraction vaporized? (The enthalpy of saturated liquid at the initial state is 24,200 J/mol, and the enthalpy of saturated solid at the final state is 6750 J/mol. The heat of sublimation at the final state is 25,100 J/mol.) 3) The latent heat of fusion for ice I is 3.34 x 10 5 J/kg at 0 0 C and atmospheric pressure. If the change in specific volume on melting is 9.05 x 10 5 m 3 /kg, then calculate the change of melting temperature
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Unformatted text preview: due to a change of pressure. 4) Prove that, during a first ‐ order phase transition: a) The entropy of the entire system is a linear function of the total volume. b) The change of internal energy is given by ∆ܷ ൌ ∆ܪ ቀ1 െ ௗ ௟௡் ௗ ௟௡௣ ቁ 5) a) Prove, that for a single phase, ቀ డ௣ డ் ቁ ௌ ൌ ௖ ೛ ்௩ఉ b) Calculate ቀ డ௣ డ் ቁ ௌ for ice at ‐ 3 C, where c p = 2.01 kJ/(kg K), v= 1.09 x 10 ‐ 3 m 3 /kg , and =1.58 x 10 ‐ 4 K ‐ 1 . c) Ice is initially at ‐ 3 C and 1.01 x 10 5 Pa. The pressure is increased adiabatically until the ice reaches the melting point. At what temperature and pressure is this melting point? ( Hint: At what point does a line whose slope is ቀ ப୮ ப୘ ቁ ୗ cut a line whose slope is that of the fusion curve, ‐ 1.35 x 10 7 Pa/K ?)...
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