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2nd evaluation - there. Also, I needed to sound more...

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Ed Matta Dr. Wingard Writ 100A Response to the Evaluation of the 2 nd Essay I thought this essay was a lot better than the first one I wrote. I thought it really met the requirements and could be one of my best writings in a long time. After each draft I think I improved immensely. The writing center helped out a lot for me during this process. Prior to this assignment I never stepped foot into the writing center. In the end I liked going there because the people there are eager to help me improve as a writer. During this paper I fouled up a lot on the grammar. I did not carefully proofread before I submitted my paper. I didn’t underline the titles of movies and missed some commas here and
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Unformatted text preview: there. Also, I needed to sound more credible by finding more quotes from an authoritative source so more people could agree with what I am trying to say. Other than that I think I wrote a pretty solid paper. Overall, I think my paper had more strengths than weaknesses. I thought that picking a sports topic will make it easier. I was right. It made my paper very easy to write. I also thought that the way I connected the plot was pretty good. With the exception of surface errors and not including a couple sources, I thought I wrote a pretty good paper....
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