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2nd surface erroe correction

2nd surface erroe correction - and tough love tactics Do...

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Ed Matta Writ 100A Dr. Wingard Surface Error Corrections for 2 nd Essay Underlining or Italicizing Titles- In my writing I failed to underline or italicize the titles of movies. Titles of films should be italicized (Bedford 42a). Indiana- There needs to be a comma after this word in the particular sentence. Hoosiers takes place in a small town called Hickory, Indiana, during the early 1950s. The elements of an address or a place are separated by commas (Bedford 32i). Tough Love- Here I need to drop the comma and insert the word “and.” Pretty soon the whole town turns against the coach because of his strict
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Unformatted text preview: and tough love tactics. Do not use a comma between compound elements that are not independent clauses (Bedford 33a). Ask anyone- This should not end with a question mark. It should end with a period. Ask anyone . Do not use a question mark after an indirect quotation (Bedford38b). I got- I need to switch got with have. All I have to say is that Hoosiers is better than Remember the Titans because Hoosiers is more of the David Goliath type story. Got is unnecessary and awkward in such constructions (Bedford 850)....
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