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Ed Matta Dr. Wingard Writ 100A Response to the Evaluation of the 3rd Essay After putting the finishing touches on this paper, I thought I did a pretty good job. Out of the three papers we wrote so far I would have to say this is the second best one I wrote. I think it is much better than the first but not even close to the second one. During the process I visited the writing center twice. There they gave me hints on improving my paper. I think it’s very helpful to go there. In my essay I compared myself to a random person on a social networking device. The
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Unformatted text preview: person I compared myself to was an outcast. I thought this project was a good way to find more out about someone through their given, readymade, and constructed identities. To improve on this paper I would include a better introduction instead of just jumping into the paper. Overall, I thought my paper had its share of strengths and weaknesses. I need to fix some surface errors and improve on a better beginning and conclusion. Other than that I think I did a fine job....
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