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Assignment 10.1 The Great Debate—who is better? Men or Women? This is your opportunity to settle this once and for all. We know there is a battle of the sexes. We know one must be superior and the other inferior. But who is it? Do your research and come to class prepared to debate. Hopefully, most of you are familiar with debate, which in general is an argument using analytical thought and research to support your position while refuting the other position. Come to class with statements to complete the following sentences: Men are better than women because… Women are better than men because… Your statement supporting the argument that men are better than women is flawed because… Your statement supporting the argument that women are better than men is flawed because… You will be divided into two teams—males and females. Teams will go back and forth
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Unformatted text preview: with their arguments. At the end of the debate, we hope to establish a resolution based on the arguments presented that either… Women are better than men. Men are better than women. While there may be passion and strong opinion related to these arguments, each person needs to speak using logic, reason, and analytical skills. Arguments need to be supported by research (bring with you). Everyone will receive a grade for the debate that will be based on participation, argument and analytical skills, and research preparation. It is common for people in a group to let a small percentage of its members to the largest percentage of the work. It is a group exercise but an individual grade. If you do not contribute, you will earn an F for the debate. Contribution means quality of contribution as well as respect for others during the debate....
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