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Assignment 11.1 This exercise can help you to clarify your attitudes and beliefs about homosexuality. It is not intended to change your attitudes and values. There are no right or wrong answers. The important thing is to understand what you believe, not what you think you should believe. Using the key below, place the appropriate number beside each item: 1 = strongly agree 2 = agree 3 = indifferent 4 = disagree 5 = strongly disagree 1. _____ I feel comfortable when I am with people I know are gay. 2. _____ If I found out that a close friend was gay, it would negatively change our relationship. 3. _____ I believe the gay lifestyle is a valid alternative for those who live it. 4. _____ Gay people are completely immoral. 5. _____ I would feel at ease if a homosexual of my sex complimented me on my appearance. 6. _____ I would be understanding and supportive if I learned that my brother/sister was
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Unformatted text preview: gay. 7. _____ I would feel comfortable working closely with a homosexual. 8. _____ I would be understanding and supportive If I learned that my best friend was gay. 9. _____ I would feel comfortable confronting someone who made a joke at the expense of homosexuals. 10. _____ I would feel comfortable if I attended a social function in which homosexuals were present. 11. _____ I’m against programs and groups organized specifically to meet the social and cultural needs of gay people. 12. _____ If a close friend told me that she or he was gay, it would make us closer because of his or her revealing something very important. 13. _____ I believe gays should not express their homosexuality in public (e.g., holding hands, hugging, PDA, making it obvious they are gay. ..)...
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