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Assignment 13.3 Is this Rape (1)

Assignment 13.3 Is this Rape (1) - Finally at 2 a.m he...

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Assignment 13.3 Is this Rape? Take a moment to read through the scenarios given below. Which of these situations constitutes a rape? Why or why not? Write down your thoughts and opinions about each scenario. A woman is walking home late one night, and a man jumps out from behind a building. He forces her to the ground and then to have sex. A woman at a party starts kissing a man. He convinces her to go to the bathroom with him. Once there, he requests sex but she says no. He pulls off her pants and digitally penetrates her. A man is walking home from a bar late one night, and a group of very drunk women pulls over and offers him a ride. After he gets in the car, the women start removing his clothes. He says he has a wife and does not want to have sex, but is forced to have sexual intercourse with three of the five women. A woman is at a fraternity party late at night. She has been flirting all night with a guy.
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Unformatted text preview: Finally, at 2 a.m., he invites her back up to his room. They each have another beer and he starts kissing her. She eagerly responds. He begins to remove her clothes. She tells him she does not want to have intercourse, but she is too drunk to resist. A couple who has dated before and has had sexual intercourse once go out together. He buys her dinner, they go to a show, and then he takes her home. She invites him in. They begin to fool around, but she whispers, No. He has sex with her anyway. A woman dressed very sexily is at a party by herself. She starts kissing one guy on the dance floor. She is drinking heavily and soon she passes out. One of the guys carries her to his room where he has sex with her. A few of his friends are watching and decide they will have sex with her too. She does not remember any of this in the morning....
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