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Exam1 Questions - HUMAN SEXUALITY EXAM 1 Dr. Anderson 1. _...

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HUMAN SEXUALITY EXAM 1 Dr. Anderson 1. ______ refers to a person's unique foundation of knowledge, attitudes, and actions relating to what the person wants and who he or she is as a sexual being. 2. The term morals refer to __________. 3. Which of the following describes a person's view of himself or herself as a man or woman? 4. The term sexual orientation most accurately refers to what kind of attraction with respect to gender? 5. According to the textbook, most of today's sexual problems, such as unwanted pregnancy and transmission of sexually transmitted infections, stem from________. 6. According to the textbook, for most people, a great deal of sexual knowledge probably stems from_________. 7. Research has demonstrated that students who take human sexuality courses________. 8. Damian has a fear of being sexually abnormal. According to the text, this fear may potentially ________. 9. According to a research study, parents who had taken a human sexuality course were found to be ___________. 10. According to research that explored the effects of a human sexuality course on parents' discussions of sexuality with their children, which percentage of parents who took the course discussed masturbation with their children? 11. People who take a course in human sexuality______. 12. When conducting a research study, ________. 13. Professor Franco is collecting data from a group of individuals concerning their sexual beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Which research method is Professor Franco using to study his participants? 14. Large scale surveys of sexual behavior and attitudes were pioneered by _________ in the 1940s. 15. Dr. Halibi is testing the validity of his sexuality survey. This means that Dr. Halibi is determining if his _________. 16. Professor Jones is attempting to apply his study's findings to all students enrolled in sexuality classes.
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Exam1 Questions - HUMAN SEXUALITY EXAM 1 Dr. Anderson 1. _...

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