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music 117 1 - stopping at different times during the piece...

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Ed Matta Dr. Torok 11/23/10 Listening Extra Credit--- “The Bitches Brew” Composer- Miles Davis Genre- Jazz-rock-fusion Theme- Kind of like a revolutionary or reflection type theme Type- Very Instrumental Mood- For the mood I feel like the music is fiery and intense but at the same time I feel like its also very sophisticated and stylish Meter- Duple “Bitches Brew,” Miles Davis, was a very interesting piece of music to say the least. Davis orchestra uses an assortment of instruments to allow the musical piece to have a nice flow. All of the instruments link together in a special way. I also noticed different instruments starting and
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Unformatted text preview: stopping at different times during the piece. The beginning starts off very quiet and slow and seems to stick with one or two instruments. In the middle the music starts to pick up speed and gets louder. The middle also seems to use a syncopation style by incorporating different instruments to make the music sound and flow better. I think the ending really links the whole piece together because it slows down but at the same time seems to have that dramatic type of rhythm the audience is looking for....
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