music final exam part 3

music final exam part 3 - Australia 0:21-0:30—The band...

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“Immigrant Song” This song is famous for Robert Plant’s wailing cry at the beginning of the song. It was released as a single from their third album, Led Zeppelin III, in 1970."Immigrant Song" was used to open Led Zeppelin concerts from 1970 to 1972. The song is commonly played by marching bands at high school and college football games. The song is also one of the few Led Zeppelin songs to have been licensed for a film (“School of Rock”). The live video is 4minutes and 7seconds long. Performers: Led Zeppelin Genre: Rock and Roll Timbre: Male vocalists accompanied by guitars, bass, and drums; very fast paced song Melody: very upbeat and fast pace; Form: Basic verse chorus verse format. (ABA) Meter: quadruple Tempo: quick, fast tempo Meaning: Talks about Led Zeppelin coming over to America Chart 0:00-0:21—Introduction to the song, loud cheers from the audience in Sydney,
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Unformatted text preview: Australia 0:21-0:30—The band starts out jamming on guitar 0:30-0:38—Robert Plant wails out his famous cry to open up the song. 0:38-1:01—Led Zeppelin performs their first verse with the drums, guitar, and bass in perfect synch in the background. 1:01-1:17—The chorus is then performed by the band. 1:17-1:50—Robert Plant wails out his cry again and then starts to perform the second verse. 1:50-2:00—Chorus is sung and performed again. 2:00-2:14—Led Zeppelin does not waste any time by singing the third verse immediately following the chorus. 2:14-4:07—The rest of the performance ends with 2 minute solos from the guitarists and drummers. While they are rocking out, Robert Plant is dancing around the stage with a microphone in his hand....
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music final exam part 3 - Australia 0:21-0:30—The band...

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