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“I Can’t Be Satisfied” Muddy Waters recorded this song for the Aristocrat label, the forerunner of the famous Chess label, for the first time in April 1948. The song was created from two other songs Muddy recorded with Alan Lomax in 1941 through1942. They recorded these songs on the Stovall plantation for the Library of Congress, "I Be's Troubled" and "I Be Bound To Write To You". Muddy was 33 when he finally broke through. The song lasts 2minutes and 57seconds Performer: Muddy Waters Genre: Rock Blues Timbre: Solo male voice; kind of raspy; accompanied by a guitar Melody: Style of the song hints at a very sad lonely mood Form: Each verse ends with the final two lines: “Well baby I can never be satisfied and I just
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Unformatted text preview: can't keep from cryin'” Meter: Quadruple Texture: Homophonic Chart 0:00-0:28—Starts off with an introduction with Waters playing his guitar 0:28-0:52—Waters sings first verse while strumming his guitar. 0:52-0:57-- Very short guitar solo as Waters sets up for the second verse 0:57-1:47—Second verse and third verses are played back to back by Waters. In the middle of the verses there are some small guitar solos. 1:47-2:17—The same melody is being played that opened up the piece. 2:17- 2:47—Final verse is played 2:47-2:57—Small guitar finish and applause by the audience...
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