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history paper 2 - Women played an important role in the...

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Women played an important role in the first settlement of Jamestown. The first permanent settlement was a complete disaster to say the least. A group of men ventured over from Europe and settled in a very swampy area. The men arrived unprepared; as a result nearly everyone died over a short period of time. The settlement into America was not successful until the women came over. They single handedly solved the problem of the failed settlement. In fact, the women had the greatest impact in the settlement. They had children, helped control household functions, and did whatever they could to assist in the fields. There was a drastic change in the area of women’s rights from the first settlement in 1607 until the civil war. Women gained more respect and rights during the pre-civil war era over the first settlement in Jamestown. Their rights progressively increase from the first settlement to the American Revolution. From the American Revolution until the Civil War women start to gain more and more respect. After the first settlement in Jamestown failed in 1607, the men decided it would be a good idea to bring women over to America. Women came over so they could bear children, cook food, and take care of their husbands after a tough day at work. This time period was not easy at all for women. As the country began to expand, the amount of small villages decreased. Many families were isolated from the outside world. When the husband would go to the town to work, the women were emotionally stressed because of their isolationism. Here is what a woman had to go through during this time period. Feeding the family, for example, involved more than simply the final stage of cooking or baking. Women ground corn to make soup and bread. If the family had milk, it was because women tended and milked cows. A family’s butter and cheese had to be made from the milk. Eggs were available only because women raised chickens. Vegetables were the product of gardens grown by women. Meat needed to be butchered, preserved, and boiled or otherwise prepared. Cider or beer accompanied meals because women brewed it.
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This excerpt shows that women were the backbone of the households. Without their hard work the family would have not survived. For all their hard work, women did not get the respect they deserved. If they disobeyed their husband they were beaten. Men had the right to strike their wives at any time they wanted. During the 1620s, many women were recruited by the Virginia Company of London to serve as wives for the men. The Virginia Company of London began recruiting women specifically as marriage prospects for
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history paper 2 - Women played an important role in the...

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