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history paper - 1 The 1607 settlement of Jamestown Virginia...

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1 The 1607 settlement of Jamestown, Virginia marked the first permanent settlement of the new land, America . During the first couple decades, times were quite difficult. The main problem was the first settlers included only a couple farmers and laborers . The rest of the settlers were just a group of high class gentlemen and high-status craftsmen . In the words of John Smith, “These guys would rather starve to death than work” (Foner 42) . Another reason times were hard in the beginning was because the location of settlement was surrounded by swamps . These swamps were very dangerous because of their malaria-infected mosquitoes . “In fact by 1616 nearly 80% of the original settlers died because of these disease filled swamps” (Foner 42) . This proved the settlement was in dire need of women . In fact, these settlements were not complete until women started to come over to America . During the eighteenth century in America, the role of women was the most important factor of a household in becoming the center of economic life . The two most popular professions of the 1700s included farming and hunting and gathering . Therefore most of the work needed to be done revolved around the house in order to sustain a healthy economic life . Managing the households was the perfect role for women. It allowed the women to bear children and to take care of the men during their hard working day . More importantly, while the men were hard at work, the women were taking care of household chores, preparing meals, and taking care of the children . The role of women was significant because it took a lot of pressure off of men by allowing them to focus on fewer tasks . As a result, the settlement of women helped the population to increase and the death rate to decline
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history paper - 1 The 1607 settlement of Jamestown Virginia...

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