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Jacob Voth 1. My dream was in colour 2. I new that I was at an old swim practice no time 3. I cannot remember any dream if I even have any…doesn’t have very many dreams 4. Sometimes I have events people and places repeated in my dreams. 5. Only past events reoccur in my dreams sometimes 6. Watching TV does not affect dream 7. During the week I feel stressed out and usually have zero dreams. More likely to dream on the weekend 8. When I get little sleep I am less likely to dream
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Unformatted text preview: More sleep I am more likely to dream 9 eating cheese I find I have more crazy dreams 10 sometimes when I am thinking about something they do a Appear in my dreams 11 time of the year does not affect my dreams 12 I don’t have daytime naps 13 some times when I don’t feel well, I have bad dreams 14 some dreams I still have when I was a child 15 I feel adventurous in my dreams 16 I vaguely remember my dreams when I wake up 17...
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