FYSM1 - FYSM Sept. 14, 2010 Lecture 1 Consciousness How do...

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FYSM Sept. 14, 2010 Lecture 1 Consciousness How do you know when your conscious? Occurs when you are more deliberate about your decision Consciousness doesn’t make any sense and is hard to explain, it is tied up with free will. It is who you are Is the thermostat conscious? One area in cognition that no one can get a grasp of, no one can confirm a correct idea. What is consciousness? What function does it have? Where did it come from (are only we conscious? Is a dog not? A rock?) Emotions are a way of getting information, (if someone is annoying, you feel annoyed telling you they are annoying) Cold cognition vs. hot cognition (cold- machine, info telling you the answer, hot- emotion, conscious feelings) People who study consciousness will study things associated with it (awakeness (sleep), reportablility, self consciousness, attention, knowledge) Biological position – brains are conscious, computers therefore cannot be conscious. Artificial Intelligence position – consciousness is associated with info processing, it has nothing to do with biology, it isn’t what it’s made of it’s what it does. Making decisions gives rise to consciousness, it doesn’t matter what it’s made of and therefore a computer can be programmed to be conscious. Awareness We are aware of temperature and conscious of it But if we are aware of something it doesn’t necessarily mean we are conscious of it right way. Consciousness is slower then most of our other reflexes. Consciousness is slightly delayed from real life time. Awareness is information processing and we know a lot about it
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You can drive with awareness but no consciousness (in a study, truck drivers were asleep a lot of the time with eyes open but the mind was sleeping) Consciousness is NOT awareness We can we aware but not conscious to live life and do things such as driving (ex. Above) Lecture 2 Sept. 16 th , 2010 Biological position argues with the artificial intelligence position about how to understand consciousness. You can be aware of suffering but when you’re not conscious you don’t feel it (ex. When you touch a hot stove you raise your hand up off the element but you don’t feel the pain until a few seconds later when you become conscious of it) AI- consciousness is what consciousness does. What you do/what the function is describes consciousness. (The neuron example switch neurons in your head with identical mechanical neurons… leads to belief in making computers conscious) Philosophical problems about consciousness 1. Zombie problem- how can you proves the person beside you isn’t a zombie? They are still aware and they can interact and have the same knowledge BUT are they conscious? How can you tell? What proves consciousness? Psychopaths are arguable aware but not conscious because
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FYSM1 - FYSM Sept. 14, 2010 Lecture 1 Consciousness How do...

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