BSCI201 EXAM 1 Review Sheet Started

BSCI201 EXAM 1 Review Sheet Started - 1. Define: a....

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1. Define: a. Anatomy: the study of the body’s parts and how they relate to one another b. Physiology: the study of function of the body parts c. Homeostasis: the maintenance of a relatively stable internal conditions even though the external environment is changing. i. All eleven organ systems work in unison to maintain Homeostasis. 2. Explain the statement ? structure defines function ? 3. Body cavities a. Dorsal cavity - consists of the cranial and vertebral cavities b. Ventral cavity - consists of the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities 4. Levels of organization - define each level. What is an organism? 5. The chemical level: define protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic number. 6. What is the overall charge of the atomic nucleus? 7. What is the net charge of an atom? 8. Define the 3 types of chemical bonds discussed and give the order of increasing bond strength (from the weakest to the strongest). Which one is stronger, a polar covalent bond or nonpolar covalent bond? Give an example of a polar covalent molecule. 9. Define: ions, cations, anions 10. Inorganic compounds: Water (universal solvent), Acids (proton donors), Bases (proton acceptors). What are salts? 11. Organic compounds: a. Carbohydrates: Define monosaccharides, disaccharides, polysaccharides b. Define each of the 4 structural levels of proteins - At what structural level of proteins do we have the alpha helix and the Beta pleated sheets? c. Name the 2 classes of proteins:
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BSCI201 EXAM 1 Review Sheet Started - 1. Define: a....

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