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E=[q/(4πε 0 R 3 )]r E=[q/(4πε 0 R 3 )]r DIPOLE E=ρ/ (4πε 0 z 3 ) Equatorial (Perp. Bisect) Axial (Line connecting) In a certain cyclotron a proton moves in a circle of radius 0.500 m. The magnitude of the magnetic field is 1.20 T. The bent wire shown in Fig. 28-39 lies in a uniform magnetic field. Each straight section is 1.8 m long and makes an angle of = 30 ° with the x axis, and the wire carries a current of 2.0 A. a) B= 4k b) B= 4i t An electron has an initial velocity of ( 12.0 j + 15.0 k ) km/s and a constant acceleration of ( 2.00 10 12 m/s 2 ) i in a region in which uniform electric and magnetic fields are present. If B = ( 400 µT) i , find the electric field E .. The magnetic dipole moment of Earth is 8 10 22 J/T. Assume that this is produced by charges flowing in Earth's molten outer core. If the radius of their circular path is 3500 km, calculate the current they produce. The magnitude
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