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Expand members working knowledge of the business world to help guide them in their career decisions Help members develop the skills and etiquette needed to enter the workforce confidently Interact with the professional chapter of AMA to add value to membership. Develop stronger brand recognition for AMA on the USF campus OBJECTIVES 1) Create a calendar of events and speakers for weekly general meetings. 2) Create at least four opportunities that will expand members understanding of how marketing (promotion, product, placement, and price) integrates with business. 3) Develop a database of speakers and alumni. 4) Arrange for professionals to help members develop critical résumé and interviewing skills. 5) Develop a database of internship and job opportunities available to all members Professional Development Overview The professional development position is a very important aspect of our organization. One of the main reasons members join is to take advantage of the networking opportunities provided by this position. The 2007-2008 year has shown how we have continued to excel and dramatically increase professional events for our chapter. Our members have enjoyed a priceless wealth of professional insight through guest speakers, corporate tours, and many career center workshops. The corporate tours have been very significant to our members by allowing them to see marketing experts at work. The guest’s speakers provided each member an opportunity to explore his/her future career path and provided a window to network after each meeting with the professional. Also, the many career center workshops provided our members with critical skills in order to obtain a job in the professional market. For example, resume workshop, career fair tips, email etiquette, and dinner etiquette. Through a survey, administered at the start of the fall and spring semester, almost all of our members’ class standing was either junior or senior level and majoring in marketing. Therefore, it was imperative to bring in professional speakers that would offer professional advice, insight, and job opportunities for our members during general meetings in relation to marketing. We were very successful in building relationships throughout a variety of industries, and as a result encouraged or members to network very easily with the local businesses. Our goal to have five guest speakers each semester was not only met, but exceeded. Moreover, our alumni panel for each semester has proven to be a great way to kickoff the semester, and allowed great insight in helping our members get a great understanding on how the organization can be very rewarding. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
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