case #5 homework - 1) How would you characterize the...

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1) How would you characterize the supermarket competitive environment in Centralia? The food industry in Centralia represents almost 9 percent of total retail sales with four different supermarket chains accounting for 85 percent of the $62.3 million brought by the food and beverage industry. Harrison’s supermarket has the ideal customer image supermarket; a well managed, clean, orderly, and attractive store that would be equivalent to our Publix in Florida. Harrison slogan is “Save on the Total” to draw in customers to their convenient location and to portray low pricing. Grand American is considered to be a secondary competitor they lack any innovative merchandising balance to their sales. Their lack of variety in meats, produce, and groceries do not compliment the exceptional dairy case. Being part of a large retail chain, Grand America advertises based on competitive pricing in weekly ads, offering double coupons and in-store. Missouri Mart makes its influence on the Centralia area by being regarded as the sales volume leader and the principal competitor to Superior Supermarkets. About 35%
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case #5 homework - 1) How would you characterize the...

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