Individual project - OVERVIEW To foreshadow what you are...

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OVERVIEW: To foreshadow what you are about to read, some things discussed in the context might surprise you as it did me. My job was to find a participant and focus on ways in which cultural traditions are passed from one person to another. The participant I interview could not reside in the States for more than five years and was from any part of the world. The interview would contain fresh culture views in humor, jokes, folklore, music, holidays, food, language, clothing, and leisure activities. The objective is to learn about the participant’s culture so an open mind is critical in order to gather and understand without any bias objections that would taint this learning experience. INFORMANT: Demographic characteristics My participant moved to Tampa Bay three years ago from a city call Dearborn in Michigan witch Arabic’s are the dominant resident. Prior to that, she lived in the Middle East with some family members. She lived in Dearborn for one year and five months, so she has lived within the United States for a total of four years and five months. She still has family in the Middle East, but she has been moving with her immediate family and plans to stay in Tampa for a while. Selection eligibility From another country? Yes Resided in the US < 5yrs? Yes Related? No Fellow course participant, faculty member, friend, or co-worker? No Relation My informant, who has asked me to keep her name out of the script, is a friend of a friend. My friend Amanda Abadi, also from Dearborn and Iraq, has weekly visits with my informant. I have heard about her and asked Amanda if she would be kind enough to let me go with her to visit her friend so I can learn more about their culture. Amanda didn’t mind to ask her for me and when she reported back that the informant wanted to come meet me for the interview, I gladly accepted. 1
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Role of the interviewer As the interviewer, I had the creativity on how I wanted to structure the interview process. One important structure was what role I wanted to play. I could choose to be neutral, collaborative, or objective. I felt like the neutral role would play the best in this case. The role will hold great importance during the interview for political reasons. I don’t want to hold bias opinions and attitudes that would strike a political debate and corrupt the interview. INSTRUMENT: Interview questions 1) What is your name, gender, current residence? 2) What is your cultural and/or ethnic origin? 3) What is the size of your primary and secondary family? 4) What is the primary language spoken in your family? Any foreign language speakers? 5) What is your social class? 6) What is the primary difference between American culture and your home country’s culture? 7) What kind of food do you eat? Any ethnic foods?
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Individual project - OVERVIEW To foreshadow what you are...

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