marketing problem case - 1) What is the marketing...

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1) What is the marketing environment for Peak Garage Door? Peak Garage Door, Inc. manufactures both insulated and noninsulated steel residential and commercial garage doors and supplies springs, cables, rollers, and side roller tracks for its products. The segment that most of the business comes from is the residential housing market remodeling. Most of them are replacement purchases. Segments of population are approximately 250,000 or less. 2) How would you characterize Peak Garage Dorr’s current distribution network and performance? I would characterize it as mediocre. The company has 350 dealers. Three hundred of them are independent dealers that carry three different garage door manufacturer brands. The other fifty are exclusive dealers that stock and sell only Peak garage doors. The company does not have a policy on exclusive vs nonexlusive dealers. However, the Hawly said “the 50 exclusive dealers have been consistent performers for us and they chose not to distribute through other dealers in their markets given the
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marketing problem case - 1) What is the marketing...

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