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Name-Surname: 08/12/2009 ID No: EE 401 Digital Communications Duration: 110 minutes Answer as many questions as you can: only the best five (5) questions +bonus question will be graded 1 (20) a) Draw operational block diagram of a typical digital communication system (essential blocks only). b) Describe function of each block in detail as described in course notes. Especially those which have been studied so far in lessons. Please, feel free to draw figures, waveforms and give mathematical expressions and formulations.
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2 (20) Your first name(textyal message) is to be transmitted using M-ary system. a) Encode your first name into a sequence of bits using ASCII coding (without any error bits: 7-bits encoding, and English characters be used). How many bits are there in the message? b)Using 8-ary system, represent the message as sequence of symbols (hint:use any representation for symbols such as s 1 , s 2 etc.) c) If 16-ary system is used, how many symbols are generared to represent your name (round it to an integer number)? d) Now, the communication system, to be used to transmit the message in part(a), can support 1000 characters/s. Then, calculate the bit rate of the communication system. e) Calculate the symbol rates of the communication system when 8-ary and then 16-ary systems are used. f) Calculate the minimum bandwith (without ISI, with raised cosine filterig) required for the
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09-401-MidtermQuestions - Name-Surname ID No EE 401 Digital...

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