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Assignment 2 Aim In this work, you are supposed to write a few matlab scripts to get familiar with random processes in communication systems. Preliminary work Please, study the lecture notes on random variables and stochastic processes from the textbook. Matlab work Part A A typical Gaussian probability density function f R r may be generated using three inputs: argument specified in a range (r), mean value ( ) and standard deviation ( ). 1. Write a script to generate a Gaussian pdf for r=(-15,15), = , = . 0 2 2. Repeat it for r=(-15,15), = , = 0 4 . 3. Plot the Gaussian probability density functions generated above together. 4. How do you calculate the probability P r 0.5 = 0.5 f R r dr ? Find a solution this integration using the textbook or other sources.
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Unformatted text preview: Part B Random numbers can be generated by using rand function matlab. This function may also be used to generate random noise process available in most electronic systems. 1. Write a function to generate a random sequence of length 100. 2. Extend function in (1) to generate another random sequence, of the same size, but its values are limited between 0 and 5. 3. Extend the function further to calculate the mean value and the variance of the sequence. Reporting When you complete all steps, save all your scripts and their outputs, copy them into a word file (save as student_name.doc) to upload it to the website of the course. Do not use Turkish characters at any stage of the work....
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