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Copy of lab1_demo1 - values for each of the methods(The lab...

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Comments Page 1 Adding a list of numbers - Three Methods This is the first spreadsheet model in the course. As simple as it is, it nevertheless   demonstrates a number of principles of a spreadsheet model. Firstly, this worksheet itself - i.e. the Comments worksheet.  All models should contain such a worksheet to: • briefly describe the purpose of the model • describe each of the worksheets in the model • describe how the worksheets are interrelated • draw attention to any unusual features of the model In a complex model further documentation could be added to other worksheets - and a Comments worksheet such as this could become quite extensive. Secondly, the model demonstrates the use of formulas that are as general as possible. This means that when data is added to the worksheet it is not necessary to write new formulas for example. Try inserting a new column in the Summing worksheet and entering new
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Unformatted text preview: values for each of the methods. (The lab handbook leads you through how to do this.) Make sure th new column is inserted between columns B to G. You would like the sum should be updated to acc for the new value, but does it happen in each method ? Thirdly, it demonstrates simple but effective formatting aimed at drawing attention to important data. Comments Page 2 he count Summing Page 3 Adding a list of numbers Method One: dealing with values separately Sum Values: 6 5 8 2 9 7 37 this type of formula should be avoided Method Two: using a function and specifying a range of cells Sum Values: 5 4 2 6 9 11 37 Method Three: using a function and naming a range of cells Values: 6 9 7 2 8 12 44 =B5+C5+D5+E5+F5+G5 =SUM (B11:G11) =SUM (Values)...
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Copy of lab1_demo1 - values for each of the methods(The lab...

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