lab 3, exercise 3

lab 3, exercise 3 - returns a specified number of the...

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Comments Page 1 Comments - Sales Discount Model The Discounts worksheet in this model contains a list of product codes for items sold in a  store, a status code for that product (D means discontinued and C means current), the quantity of the product in stock and the average number sold daily for the product. The store wants to hold a sale to get rid of old stock or stock that is not selling well. The aim of this model is to decide which items to put on sale at a large discount (25% for Discontinu and which to put on sale at a smaller discount (10%). This calculation will involve the use of additional logical functions - the AND and OR  functions for example, and it will also involve the use of a text function - the LEFT function, which
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Unformatted text preview: returns a specified number of the leftmost characters in a text string. Alternately discount slow moving Women's Clothing by 25%. Comments Page 2 ued or overstocked items) Discounts Page 3 CM_032 C 400 255 10% HA_204 C 35 4 10% CW_413 C 250 41 10% HF_045 C 15 0.5 25% HW_281 C 355 230 10% CM_102 C 732 325 10% CM_081 C 205 41 10% CW_083 C 1135 30 25% 25% HA_131 D 52 4 25% HS_192 C 255 24 10% HS_060 C 114 21 10% HS_152 D 35 3 25% HA_372 C 22 2 10% HF_105 C 11 0.5 25% CW_291 D 78 5 25% 25% CW_305 C 94 12 10% CM_189 C 125 21 10% HA_201 C 58 3 25% Product Code Product Status Stock Quantity Average Daily Sales Discount Percent Alternative Discount Percent...
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lab 3, exercise 3 - returns a specified number of the...

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