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boPeep - One day I lost my father's sheep Since there are...

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Home Page for Little Bo Peep About Me blah, blah, blah Little Bo peep Hi there. My name is little Bo peep and I really love sheep. I live on a sheep farm in Australia and we have over half-a-million sheep. I spend most of my days looking after my father's sheep. To be honest, I'm sick of sheep! They're everywhere. You can't get away from them.
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Unformatted text preview: One day I lost my father's sheep. Since there are so many of them, this was a neat trick. Boy, was he sore. Web Sites About Me • How to make your own Bo peep costume • Collectable Figurine • More on Little Bo Peep • Bo Peep Nursery Rhyme for kids • Little Bo Peep Video...
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