STATS PROJECT - probabilities weren’t close at all,...

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Running Head: HEART & FACE PROBABILITY 1 A.P Statistics, Period 2 December 14, 2010 Table 1:
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2 Probabilities of Randomly Selected Cards Events P(Heart) P(Face) P(Heart or Face) Theoretical Probabilities 13/52 12/52 3/52 22/52 10 Trial Probabilities 2/10 2/10 1/10 7/10 50 Trial Probabilities 9/50 6/50 2/50 27/50 Combined 100 Probability 21/100 18/100 5/100 45/100 Discussion Questions When looking at the data one could comment that the proportions found in parts b, c , and d all get closer to the actual probabilities found in part a. As stated in the textbook the more trials, the more accurate your probabilities become to the theoretical probability. In parts b, and c, my partner and I had very different results at first but it got closer together as the trial amount increased. In part a for example my probabilities were 2/10, 2/10, 1/10, and 7/10. My partners probabilities were 0/10, 3/10, 0/10, and 7/10. From this you can conclude that the
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Unformatted text preview: probabilities weren’t close at all, keeping in mind that she had no results for two of the categories. In our 50 card trial our result came closer together. I received the probabilities 9/50, 6/50, 2/50, and 27/50 and my partner received 12/50, 12/50, 3/50, and 18/50. From the numbers given one can see that we were only off by about a 3-6 number range. If this experiment was conducted 1,000 times, the outcomes would be much closer to the theoretical probabilities found in part a. Keeping in mind that there is no exact probability still leaves space for trial of error. If repeated 1,000,000 times, this experiment would become almost exactly the proportions calculated for the theoretical probability of picking out heart and face cards. In conclusion it is proven that the more trials produced in an experiment the most likely the probabilities are to become close....
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STATS PROJECT - probabilities weren’t close at all,...

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