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CCNA 2 final Exam New A May 06-2008 1. Refer to the exhibit. What two statements are true based on the output shown? (Choose two.) ** neighbors and have auto summary disabled ** router 3 is load balancing traffic to the network across its serial interfaces 2. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator issues the command no ip classless on Router1. What forwarding action will take place on a packet that is received by Router1 and is destined for host ** The packet will be dropped. 3. The network shown in the diagram is having problems routing traffic. It is suspected that the problem is with the addressing scheme. What is the problem with the addressing used in the topology? ** The subnetwork configured on the serial link between Router1 and Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3. 4. Refer to the exhibit. A new PC was deployed in the Sales network. It was given the host address of with a default gateway of The PC is not communicating with the network properly. What is the cause? ** is the broadcast address for this subnet. 5. A router has learned about a network through static and dynamic routing processes. Which route will be used to reach network ** S [1/0] via 6. Which three statements are true of holddown timers? (Choose three.) ** prevent update messages from reinstating a route that may have gone bad ** allow routers to still forward packets to destination networks that are in holddown ** permit lower metric updates received from any neighboring router to reinstate the route to a possibly down network 7. Refer to the exhibit. What will happen if interface Serial0/0/1 goes down on Router1? ** DUAL will query neighbors for a route to network 8. When presented with multiple valid routes to a destination, what criteria does a router use to determine which routes to add to the routing table?
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** The router first selects routes with the lowest administrative distance. The resulting routes are then prioritized by metric and the routes with the best metric are added to the routing table. 9. Using default settings, what is the next step in the router boot sequence after the IOS loads from flash? ** Locate and load the startup-config file from NVRAM. 10. Which three statements are true regarding the encapsulation and de-encapsulation of packets when traveling through a router? (Choose three.) ** The router modifies the TTL field, decrementing it by one. ** The router maintains the same source and destination IP. ** The router changes the source physical address to the physical address of the exit interface. 11. Which of the following are required when adding a network to the OSPF routing
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16413797-CCNA-2-Final-Exam-ALL-SETS-100 - CCNA 2 final Exam...

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