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English 015 FINAL - English 15 Final Project Curbing Fossil...

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English 15 Final Project 12/13/06 Curbing Fossil Fuel Dependence The major problem that is harming the environment is fossil fuel usage. Fossil fuels contribute almost all of the harmful products in the environment including carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, acid rain and smog. These harmful atmospheric conditions are all a direct result of fossil fuel usage in the United States. If we could use sources of energy that didn’t produce the emissions then the environment would be much better. Another reason to start to switch from fossil to renewable energy is the fact that fossil fuels will someday run out and we have to be prepared for it. In order to transfer from the main energy source of fossil fuels to alternative energy sources, a major revamp or the infrastructure needs to be enacted. The main energy output of solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and nuclear power is electricity. This means that if we are to use these sources then we must change the way cars, factories and other energy consumers work. As of now mostly all vehicles and electricity generation runs off of some form of fossil fuels. We would have to switch cars and electricity plants to run on another form of energy besides fossil fuels. Electric cars are the main solution because the main form of energy output of alternative energies is electricity. This would require all major auto manufactures to start producing electric automobiles. If this would happen then it would greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in the US. This is something that is not going to happen overnight. First there has to be a transfer of fossil fuel derived electricity, which already is about 93% in the US, to electricity from renewable sources. This would take some time to enact due to the fact that many installations need to be built to supply this energy as well as funding for the installations needs to be found.
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If the funding is there then these renewable energy installations will be built. It is just where is this funding going to come from is the major problem due to the high cost of startup. On the other hand it would be wise to make these sources because even though they do cost much more than a oil, natural gas or coal power plant to make, there is virtually no operational costs once the installations are built. One possible solution to the funding for the renewable power plants is the big oil companies. They already have vast amounts of wealth earned from the oil which could be devoted to renewable energy. All that need to be done is to convince “big oil” that they need to invest in more alternative energies. This should not be too hard considering that oil will run out someday and the oil companies know this. They will be looking for some way to make money when the oil reserves run out. We can propose to them that they should install renewable energy plants now while they have the financial backing so that when the oil reserves eventually run out; they still have control of the electricity production. This would be the best way to
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