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Checkpoint week 1 - EDI which stands for Electronic Data...

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Checkpoint: Business Models and Systems The business in which I chose is Walmart. The one of the main business system that comprises Walmart is POS. POS stands for Point of Sales which involves sales data. The business sales data information system knows when and where their products flow. Walmart uses their software retail link to share POS data with suppliers. The suppliers are able to use the software to examine the market situation and propose alternatives if necessary. Walmart also has made training sessions available to their suppliers so that they can learn how to use the system and also to find their own cost savings. Another system that Walmart uses is the
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Unformatted text preview: EDI which stands for Electronic Data Interchange. This system is available to their transportation providers. The third component in which Walmart uses is the Supply Chain Technology. Under this system the business is synchronizing product data including packaging dimensions, color and with hundreds of suppliers. I think that this was a terrific idea that Walmart came up with because now they can eliminate the hiring of clerks to administer the job of manually correcting any inconsistent information that might appear. By creating this system Walmart can cut the time in which you would take to set up new product information into their database....
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