3rd exam guide - Ch 8 The enzymatic synthesis of an RNA...

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Ch 8 The enzymatic synthesis of an RNA molecule complementary to one strand of the DNA is called Selected Answer: C. Transcription In polypeptide Arg-Pro-Ser, what amino acid has a free carboxyl group? Selected Answer: A. Ser A nucleotide substitution that creates a stop codon and results in premature chain termination during translation, is called a Selected Answer: C. Nonsense RNA splicing takes place in nuclear particles, composed of protein and several specialized small RNA molecules, known as Selected Answer: C. Spliceosomes In prokaryotes, mRNA molecules commonly contain coding sequences for several different polypeptide chains; such a molecule is called a Selected Answer: A. Polycistronic Which of the following is true regarding RNA processing? Selected Answer: D. It may be autocatalytic Which of the following statements is true? Selected Answer: A. The 3' end of mRNA corresponds to the carboxyl terminus of the protein The site of RNA polymerase binding to the DNA template is called Selected Answer: A. Promoter Which of the following features is common to both DNA replication and transcription? Selected Answer: B. A sugar-phosphate bond is formed between the 3' hydroxyl and the 5' phosphate A DNA strand consists of any sequence of four kinds of nucleotides. Suppose there were only 16 different amino acids instead of 20. Which of the following statements would be correct descriptions of the minimal number of nucleotides necessary to create a genetic code? Selected Answer: A. 3, provided that chain termination does require a special codon All of the following may result from promoter mutations, except Selected Answer: B. Mutant RNA polymerase The genetic code is degenerate because Selected Answer: B. Some amino acids have more than one codon In prokaryotes, the strength of the binding of RNA polymerase to different promoters Selected Answer: B. Depends on the promoter sequences Ribozymes are enzymes that Selected Answer: B. Are composed of RNA
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3rd exam guide - Ch 8 The enzymatic synthesis of an RNA...

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