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Chapter 11 Reproduction Outline

Chapter 11 Reproduction Outline - Chapter 11 Reproduction...

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Chapter 11 Reproduction Reproduction Fitness – the reproductive success of an individual Reproductive processes vary among species Types of reproducer Proportion of males and females Mating system Sexual selection Types of Reproduction Sexual reproduction: o the production of an offspring from fertilizing two gametes, from a male and a female Gametes: are formed from meiosis. o Meiosis-the process of cell division where the product is a haploid cell. o Haploid cell, or gamete o Only contains one set of chromosome pair o In animal, the gametes are called the egg and sperm. Fertilization o Fusion of gametes to produce a zygote Zygote o Diploid cell formed from fertilization of male/female gametes Internal fertilization Fertilization occurs within the female body Birds, reptiles, most mammals Involves production of developing egg o Protection of the developing egg Viviparous – bear their young live Occurs in most mammals Eggs highly protected inside female.
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