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Part E – Multiple Choice [5 points] Circle the letter representing the best choice for each of the following questions. 1) A column in an Excel worksheet named Letter Grade contains the formula =IF(Score<80,"B",IF(Score<70,"C",IF(Score<60,"D",IF(Score<50,"F","A")))) What will appear in Letter Grade when Score is 85? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) F 2) Referring to the formula in the previous question, what will appear in Letter Grade when Score is 45? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) F 3) Which of the following expressions could NOT be the first argument in an Excel IF function? A) "A1 < C1" B) "A1" < "C1" C) A1 < C1 D) ISEMPTY(A1) E) NOT(A1<C1) A company decides to give some of its employees a holiday bonus. Those who have been employed at the company for at least 10 years get a bonus if their performance is considered either good or excellent . Those who have not been employed at the company that long get a bonus only if their performance is
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Unformatted text preview: considered . Assume the columns are named as shown. Years Rating Bonus 3 excellent YES 15 poor NO 12 acceptable NO 2 good NO 10 good YES 4) Which formula could have been used to calculate the values in the Bonus column. A) =IF(Rating="good" AND IF (Years>=10," YES "," NO")) B) =IF(Years>=10 AND (Rating="excellent" OR Rating="good"),"YES","NO") C) =IF(Years>=10 AND (Rating>="good"),"Yes","No") D) =IF(Rating>="good",IF(Years>=10,"YES", "NO"),"NO")) E) =IF(OR(AND(Years>=10, Rating="good"),Rating="excellent"),"YES","NO") 5) Excel's LOOKUP function is often used to replace the use of A) the FREQUENCY function B) the SUMIF function C) the COUNTIF function D) the IF function E) none of the above E1...
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