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Part F – Construct Excel formulas [5 points] Use only the data shown to answer the following questions. All ranges have been named using the labels that appear in the worksheets. The table below has data in the left two columns and formulas in the right two. All entries in the SURNAME column are in UPPER case. All entries in the given_name column are in lower case. SURNAME given name Last Name First Name AKINKUOWO alan Akinkuowo Alan AMIRTHALINGAM alexandre Amirthalingam Alexandre APPIAH-DJOMOAH andrea Appiah-djomoah Andrea AWWAD artem Awwad Artem BALKARAN awo Balkaran Awo BECCARIO cheuk Beccario Cheuk BELFIORE chi-kin
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Unformatted text preview: Belfiore Chi-kin BOKORE chris Bokore Chris BONILLA david Bonilla David CASTILLO dilber Castillo Dilber CHAN esha Chan Esha CHANG farhan Chang Farhan CHEWCHUK frank Chewchuk Frank CHUNG gerlie Chung Gerlie DASTOOR hiroyuki Dastoor Hiroyuki Write An Excel formula that will produce the values in the Last Name column.[5] =LEFT( SURNAME, 1) & LOWER( RIGHT ( SURNAME, LEN( SURNAME) -1 )) or =CONCATENATE( LEFT( SURNAME, 1) , LOWER( RIGHT( SURNAME, LEN( SURNAME) -1 ))) attempts to use MID instead of RIGHT should be assessed for their functionality. F1...
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  • Spring '09
  • PAUL
  • Given name, Awwad Balkaran Beccario Belfiore Bokore Bonilla Castillo Chan Chang Chewchuk Chung Dastoor, bonilla castillo chan, alexandre andrea artem, bokore bonilla castillo

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