Experiment 6 - Interferometer

Experiment 6 - Interferometer - Eric Chong Partner: Albert...

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Eric Chong PHYS C1493 Partner: Albert Lee Lab Date: October 30, 2006 Experiment 6: Interferometer Introduction This lab experimented with two different methods of finding the wavelength of a light using the simple basis of interference of two separate paths of light. In general, the interferometers employed the mechanism of splitting a beam of light and rearranging them according to different lengths d m such that by altering this length the two paths of light would coincide at various points in their path (maxima, minima) and thus induce constructive or destructive interference. The two methods, namely the Fabry-Perot method and the Michelson method differed in their basic setups however the premise of their setups encompassed the general method of being able to find the wavelength, λ according to the equation: 2 m d m λ = where m represents the number of fringes as we traverse along d m for a given beam of light. Sources of error and the relative precision in data of the two methods are discussed further in this lab. Procedure Fabry-Perot Method The basic setup of the Fabry-Perot interferometer consisted of a beam of light coming from one direction to be split into many beam components by use of a mirrored cavity, reflecting those separated beams at an adjustable distance d m in μm using a movable mirror, and then finally recombining the beam parts to form an interference pattern on a viewing screen at the end of the system. By altering the distance d m between the initial split and the reflection, we can view various phases of the light and count a predetermined number of fringes
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Experiment 6 - Interferometer - Eric Chong Partner: Albert...

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