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Japan Region - Japan Region I Konnichiwa Int ro to...

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Japan Region I. Konnichiwa! Intro to Japan (3:36) Most westernized East country Land of rising sun, martial arts – karate, sushi, sake, manga, anami, karaoke, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Sony, Casio, Fuji, Wii Japan – most western eastern country – liberal democracy II. Physical World of Japan (14:45) Japan is an island nation – land of rising sun – far east Asia Japanese flag depicts the idea of the rising sun Japan consists of 4 big islands – Hokkaido, Honshu (major land), shikoku, Kyushu (Southern most major islands) Ryukyu Islands which are hundred miles away from the southern main ones Kuril Islands – the ones Japan and Russia have a dispute over which country has the right to own - They have not set any treaty yet Okinawa (one of Ryukyu Islands) – major US military located, half way between Taiwan, Japan (both us allies) and China (not us ally) Although Japan is one of the Asian countries, it’s a little bit SEPARATE and DIFFERENT. The same example could be United Kingdom in Europe Speaking of size, roughly the size of those 4 main Japanese islands equals to the size of California Have 4 times many people than Calif
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127 million people – serious population density The climate of Japan is similar to the eastern side of US. Upper cold like New York, Bottom warm like Georgia, very bottom is tropical Both Eastern US and Japan have the same seasonal season - Hurricane vs Typhoon 70-75 % of Japan is mountainous. Highest point of Japan is Fuji Mountains and Forests are covering Japan, very natural – But why? - Tectonics theory 7:10 – 8:00 o E Philipheens and Ring of fire – specifically related to Volcano activities Fuji, itself is all volcano, but not active Japan has 100 active volcanoes, thus having hot springs Suffered due to many incidents of earthquakes Next time, Japan is hit by a huge earthquake (not matter of if, it’s WHEN!) -> it will cause a huge financial crisis to the world economy because Japan is the center Japan has no resources although they are the 2 nd richest country on earth No natural resources They have to heavily import!
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