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exp powell paper - Josh Spiro EXP 101 October 15, 2007...

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Josh Spiro October 15, 2007 EXP 101 Powell Essay John Wesley Powell made the American West what it is today. He was the primary founder of the Bureau of Reclamation and of the United States Geological Service. He also completed the last great feat of exploration on American soil when he and his crew undertook the dangerous voyage down the Colorado. Major Powell was accompanied in the Emma Dean by J.C Sumner and William H. Dunn, W. H. Powell (Powell’s brother) and George Bradley in the Kitty Clyde's Sister , Oramel Howland, Seneca Howland and Frank Goodman in the No Name , and Billy Hawkins and Andrew Hall in the Maid of the Canyon . Major Powell's expedition had already suffered numerous disasters and losses of food, supplies, and equipment by the time they began their descent into Marble Canyon. By the time they reached the head of Grand Canyon, the expedition members were living on rations of spoiled bacon, musty flour, dried apples and coffee. Yet they pressed on with their quest into the great unknown, due to the sheer determination and the autocratic viewpoint of the one armed civil war veteran, John Powell. Powell never put his main function, scientific discovery, out of mind until the race
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exp powell paper - Josh Spiro EXP 101 October 15, 2007...

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