tfch21 - Chapter Twenty-one The Environment 1 The Kyoto...

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Chapter Twenty-one: The Environment 1. The Kyoto Protocol established targets for the reduction of gases believed to contribute to global warming. a. *TRUE b. FALSE 2. Carrying capacity refers to the total global output of greenhouse gases. a. TRUE b. *FALSE 3. The environmental movement that took shape in the 1960s owed more to changes in the social than the physical environment. a. *TRUE b. FALSE 4. The earlier analytical approach of human ecology was largely irrelevant to the later development of environmental sociology. a. TRUE b. *FALSE 5. Environmental sociologists accepted the definition of environment used in other, more established areas of sociology. a. TRUE b. *FALSE 6. Chief among the social processes and structures questioned by environmental sociology are the benefits of economic growth. a. *TRUE b. FALSE 7. According to Schnaiberg, the environmental dialectic refers to the fact that preventing or solving environmental problems in one location leads to new environmental problems elsewhere. a. TRUE b. *FALSE 8. According to the advocates of sustainable development, ecological disaster can only be avoided if all countries reduce their level of economic development. a. TRUE b. *FALSE 9. There are presently more people living on Earth than throughout all of human history. a. *TRUE b. FALSE 10. Population size is a major threat to the environment in terms of pollution but not resource depletion. a. TRUE
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tfch21 - Chapter Twenty-one The Environment 1 The Kyoto...

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