GEOG 102 Ch.4 Culture

Geog 102 ch4 culture

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Unformatted text preview: 2 Folk & Popular Culture: Terms HABIT Folk and Popular Culture “a repetitive act that a particular individual performs” CUSTOM Origin & Diffusion of Folk & Popular Culture Distributions of Folk & Popular Culture Globalization “a repetitive act of a group, performed to the extend that it becomes characteristic of the group” CULTURE “a collection of social customs” 1 3 4 Folk vs. Popular Origins Every social custom develops in a particular place – a hearth. Folk customs usually have anonymous origins – they come from unknown places (sometimes more than one place), at unknown times. Popular customs are usually the product of developed countries, and their origins are often well known. Culture falls into two categories, mostly based on scale: FOLK CULTURE Small, fairly homogenous groups Today, mostly isolated in rural areas POPULAR CULTURE Large, heterogeneous groups Widespread, urban 5 6 Origins: Folk Customs Folk Music Folk Music Every culture develops its own unique music. Folk Art Australian...
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