GEOG 102 Ch.4 Culture

In many cultures the distinction between art and

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Unformatted text preview: didgeridoo In many cultures the distinction between “art” and “everyday object” is unclear – decoration is “just the way things are done.” Folk Housing Must be made from locally available building materials. Distinctive forms – there is no “perfect” house design. “Folk Food” People adapt their food preferences based on the environment – BUT beliefs and values strongly influence diet. Folk Sports People everywhere enjoy recreation – many places have developed unique forms of recreation and sports. Folk Beliefs How does the world work? How should we behave? African mbira Usually composed anonymously. Usually transmitted orally. Content usually comes from everyday events in people’s lives. Hearths, American country music Possible Paleolithic flute, dated to 43,000 BCE Sources:;;; see also 1 7 8 Folk Art Folk Art: Clothes & Fabrics Frequently,...
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