GEOG 102 Ch.4 Culture

In the us generally there are many styles north

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Unformatted text preview: od Variations: Barbecue It’s hard to imagine something simpler than barbecue – meat cooked slowly by indirect heat. But barbecue has deep and varied cultural roots in the US. This map shows the four barbecue regions of the State of South Carolina. In the US generally, there are many styles: Popular Food Variations: US Alcohol Preferences North Carolina (east): Pork; vinegar-based sauce North Carolina (west): Pork shoulder; vinegar and ketchup-based sauces Texas: beef; no sauce (varies) Kansas City: beef or pork; thick sweet tomatobased sauce Memphis: pork; ketchup-based South Carolina: pork; four styles of sauce Alabama: pork, chicken, turkey; mayonnaise-based Kentucky: lamb; Worcestershire and vinegar sauce Sources:;; 33 34 Popular Sports: Variations Popular Food Variations: Wine As with food, sports in popular culture are extremely widespread – but there are regional variations in popularity. 35 3...
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