GEOG 102 Ch.4 Culture

Popular beliefs are spread by media newspapers

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Unformatted text preview: 6 National Sports Around the World Popular Beliefs Beliefs about the world and how people should live and behave are widely shared in popular culture. Widely shared concepts today: Democracy; free markets; individualism; rule of law; private property; family; work; the weekend; education; etc. Popular beliefs are spread by media -newspapers, magazines, radio and TELEVISION!!!! Source: 6 37 38 1954 The Diffusion of TV In the US most TV stations are privately owned. Traditionally, other countries controlled TV, but satellite dishes and other technologies have made government control much more difficult. TV Around the World 1970 Watching TV in Niger Category 1: Countries where most households (more than 50%) own at least one TV set (US, Japan). Category 2: Countries where TVs are common, but not universal (25%-49%) (Mexico, Thailand). Category 3: Countries where television exists, but is uncommon (5%-24%); few individuals own sets (Mongolia, Laos). Category 4: Coun...
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