GEOG 102 Ch.4 Culture

Popular housing is not limited to locally available

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Unformatted text preview: winner) Sources:; 27 Source: 28 Popular Housing Housing in popular culture is designed and built by professionals – not by the people who live in the houses. Popular housing is not limited to locally available building materials. Popular housing styles vary more over time than regionally — houses built in the 1950s, for example, tend to look alike, regardless of where in the US they were built. Popular Housing Types Over Time Source: 29 30 Popular Food In popular culture modern transportation methods mean that a wide variety of different kinds of food are available year-round – people are not limited to locally available crops. Food fads and food trends can change diets, so that what people prefer tends to vary more over time than over space. However, there certainly are variations in food preferences and consumption. Popular Food Variations: Beer 5 31 32 Popular Fo...
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