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Unformatted text preview: Experimental Rough Draft Reports • Was very lenient on these, will not be so for the final draft Common problems: • Needed to show me your three references • Cite these references in the body of your introduction by using either a number or a key word so I know where you got each piece of information • Do not use “I”, “my” or “we” in any part of the report • Label each of the sections e.g. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion • If you included a table or figure (recommended), label it as “Table 1” and provide a title describing the table or figure Next Week Next Thanksgiving – No Class! Thanksgiving Following week Following Nature Center Assignment Due Experiment Final Report Due Lab 12 Lab Biodiversity What is this term? What Used to describe biological diversity usually Used related to concerns of extinction related Coined in the 1980’s Definition: “the variation of life at all levels Definition: of biological organization” of Biodiversity Encompasses Biodiversity Genetic diversity Diversity of genes within a species Diversity among species Species diversity Ecosystem diversity Biodiversity measurements Biodiversity Usually in the form of species richness or Usually evenness evenness Distribution of Biodiversity Distribution Not equal around the world Higher in the tropics Lower in the arctic Area with many endemic species Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos islands, Hawaii, Amazon San Diego San Biodiversity hotspot Is biodiversity important???? Is Is biodiversity important???? Is YES!!!!!!!! Why? Why? All species provide function to an ecosystem Removal causes depletion of ecosystem Removal function function Nutrients aren’t cycled Water is not cycled Soil health declines Erosion increases Climate begins to vary again….WHY? again….WHY? The more diversity an ecosystem has the more The adapt it is to withstanding environmental stress and is therefore more productive. and Ecosystems have built in back-ups (similar to Ecosystems advanced factories and power-plants) advanced These back-ups allow for continued production These and movement of energy, nutrients, production of organic material, even when some species are disturbed or lost due to a devastating event disturbed Our Responsibility Our Biodiversity leads to beneficial ecosystem Biodiversity functions functions Therefore for our own well-being we should Therefore prevent extinctions prevent All species have an intrinsic right to exist, and All we want to protect biodiversity for future generations generations Therefore it is morally wrong to cause extinctions So Many Species… So some similarities! Homologies Analogies 2 organisms share organisms characteristics because of descent from a common ancestor common Do not always have the Do same function same Ex: bat wing, human Ex: hand hand Characteristics that serve Characteristics similar functions but are derived from different origins origins Ex: human legs, spider Ex: legs legs What is a vascular system? What A system of TUBES Vascular Plants Vascular Vascular Plants Vascular Contain special tissue for transport of water – Contain XYLEM XYLEM Transport of food/nutrients – PHLOEM Allows these plants Allows to grow larger and survive in various habitats habitats Non-vascular plants - Bryophytes Non-vascular Lack special tissues for transporting water to Lack distant tissues distant How big do you think they are? Where do How they grow? they Investigation 1 - Vertebrate skeletal homologies homologies All vertebrates evolved from a common ancestor Investigation 2 - Diversity of animal covering covering Gastropod and bivalve mollusks Gastropod Investigation 2 - Diversity of animal covering covering Gastropod and bivalve mollusk shells Gastropod Investigation 2 - Diversity of animal Investigation covering covering Snake skin – scales are not separate Phylum Echinodermata – pentaradial Phylum symmetry symmetry Investigation 2 - Diversity of animal covering covering Phylum Arthropoda – exoskeletons + nests Fig beetles Bees Paper Wasps Butterflies Investigation 2 - Diversity of animal covering covering Colors in nature – not always what they seem Colors Fig beetles Fig Peacock feathers Peacock Vascular systems Vascular Blood pressure measurement Fill the cuff with air – cut off brachial artery Slowly let out air until blood is able to flow Slowly through again (Record the number on gauge) through When the thumping stops, blood is flowing free When again (Record this number too) again Investigation 3 - Plant Diversity Investigation Cotyledon – seed leaf Monocots vs Dicots Cross section of stem Investigation 3 - Plant Diversity Investigation Cotyledon – seed leaf Monocots vs Dicots a collection of native plants -- different kinds collection native of Salvia. Salvia Investigation 4 – Plant Physiology and Ecology Ecology Hydrostatic pressure -- plant’s posture Seed dispersal ...
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