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Assignment 2 – Create an RSS Feed - this assignment is due by midnight, Monday, October 4th In this assignment you will create your own RSS (Really Simple Syndication aka Atom) feed to serve as the communication interface to various documents and content you create and syndicate for this class. The instructions for developing, validating and uploading your RSS feed are provided below. Your RSS feed provides an efficient mechanism for me to individually review assignments, documents and class-related materials over the course of the semester. Therefore, it is important that you create a “working” RSS feed as you will be adding additional items to the RSS feed throughout the semester. If you do not do this assignment, you may miss out on future assignment points that are dependent on your RSS feed. If you miss the assignment deadline, you should still consider finishing the assignment as the RSS feed will be used for other class work. This assignment must be entirely your own work! There are a number of steps to this assignment. You are strongly encouraged to read all of the instructions before you begin the assignment, and then make sure you follow the directions carefully. None of these steps are difficult In order to complete this assignment completely, you need to create the following: 1. An XML document created in Notepad or TextEdit that adheres to the RSS specification. The sample code shown in Table 1 below can be used to create your RSS feed. You can copy and paste this code into Notepad or TextEdit and then edit the code. Additionally, in order to complete this assignment, you will need to do the following: 2. Get a Rohan account. Your Rohan account will be your web server and repository for your RSS feed, your web page and your resume. Rohan accounts are free on SDSU’s Web Portal: ( use Student Request SDSU E-mail. Note: Rohan usernames are assigned using your lastname or some variation of your lastname. For example, my Rohan username is geaston . In this assignment, your Rohan username will appear in a URL for your RSS Feed similar to the following: ~ geaston /yourlastname.xml 3. Use an FTP client such as WinSCP (Windows) or Filezilla (Windows and Mac) or ClassicFTP (for Mac) to upload your files to your Rohan account. It does not matter which FTP client you use. See the PowerPoint notes ( FTP.ppt ) on BlackBoard for information about using FTP. Free FTP software can be found at the following sites. Filezilla download site: WINSCP download site: ClassicFTP download site: If you do not want to install FTP software on your computer, FTP software is installed on almost all of the computers in the Love Library Computer Lab . Please be aware that there are many computers in SDSU’s library. The Love Library Computer Lab, however, is the only SDSU computer
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Assignment2_RSS_180 - Assignment 2 Create an RSS Feed -...

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