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BIO 122-A Homework 1 Key 1. The simplest structure shared among all living organisms is the A. gut. B. cell. C. photosynthetic chloroplast. D. community. E. nucleus 2. Which of the following is likely NOT a common feature shared among all living organisms? A. All living organisms use energy. B. All living organisms maintain organization. C. All living organisms have evolved over the course of many generations. D. All living organisms maintain some level of homeostasis. E. All living organisms are composed of similar structures. 3. Which level of organization includes all others? A. cell B. tissue C. organ D. organism E. population 4. Evolutionary change A. occurs through the modification of characteristics in a preexisting population. B. may involve vertical descent with mutation. C. may involve horizontal gene transfer. D. All of these choices are correct. E. None of these choices are correct
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5. This question refers to the 5-stage process of hypothesis testing. What is the appropriate order of the stages when generating and testing a hypothesis? (1) Experimentation is conducted to determine if the predictions are correct.
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hw 1 answers - online homework 1 answers

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